State Street Boxing Gym

                                             1420 Edison St. S.L.C  UT. 84105
                                   801-671-2214        Espanol   801-604-0043

Juliano Ramos is a 150 lb fighter. He is third generation of a boxing family. His grandpa and his dad were both proffesional boxers. Juliano is strong and quick. His boxing record is four wins and one loss as of July 1, 2012.
He will be attending college this fall.

The Benn Brothers are very talented boxers of Navajo decent. They are future Olympic hopefuls and world champions. They are in the gym six days a week  putting in 100% in their daily work outs between all brothers they have about seventy fights.
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Laticia Sanchez is dedicated to boxing 100%.  Her vigorous workouts are very impressive. Her discipline is that of a world champion. Keep a close eye on this Olympic hopeful. Her dream is to become a world champion and to serve our country in the United States Marine Corp.
Brandon Quinenez is a Rose Park fighter. He trains seven days an week. Boxing is in his blood. He is tough and unstoppable. Brandon is the type of fighter who gets tougher with each punch that is thrown at him. He is world champion material.